Scholarships and Awards

NHAEA Award Opportunities

The New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association is a professional organization whose mission is to promote quality art education in New Hampshire by providing leadership, member services, advocacy, a format for communication, and opportunities for professional development. Our annual Art Educator Award Program recognizes outstanding art educators who have made significant contributions to Art Education or art programs within their school, community, or professional organization. We’ve changed the format so that we have three tiers of teachers in the pool for Art Educator of the Year, one from each division: elementary, middle, and high school.  To nominate your excellent art teacher, CLICK HERE! Once nominated, we will reach out to the art teacher to let them know they have been nominated and ask them to prepare a portfolio that describes their work and they will need to be, or become, an NHAEA member. To get to the membership application, CLICK HERE. This portfolio must be received no later than June 20th to be considered. For any questions please contact

Benefits for Art Educator of the Year Recipient

Portfolio MUST be postmarked no later than June 20th of the current year. 

Art Educator of the Year Awardees


Member Award Opportunity  ART EDUCATOR: The Member Award Opportunity is a gift certificate that it used towards course work, workshops in art, art materials for your professional development as an artist, and/or art materials to enrich student learning in your classroom. All entries must be post-marked or emailed by April 15th.  Please note that Late or Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.

Click here for the application form. Please mail applications to: NHAEA, Attn: Awards, 373 S. Willow Street, Suite 431, Manchester, NH 03103


Part of our mission in supporting our NH art teachers is to help them defray the costs of course work, workshops or art materials either for their own professional development or in support of students. If you find there is a way that you could use $200 towards one of these categories, we encourage you to apply. No teacher can win more than one award per year.

NHAEA Scholarship Opportunities

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR GRADUATING SENIORS The New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association Scholarships are available to current members, their students, and their own child. The nominating art educator must write a letter of recommendation for the student and be a current member in order to qualify. Senior Scholarship One scholarship of $500 dollars is available to graduating high school seniors who will be majoring in Art in their freshman year of college. The Senior Scholarship will be based on the student’s artistic ability, essay, and grades along with the Letter of Recommendation from their current art teacher who MUST be a current NHAEA member in order to qualify. An art educator, who is a current member, is allowed to submit up to 2 senior applications during this process. There is ONE Senior Scholarship available this year.

To receive the Senior Scholarship, the student must be enrolled as a full-time freshman in a degree-granting institution with a declared art major. The scholarship will be awarded after the conclusion of the 1st semester of the Freshman year. To receive the Senior Scholarship, a grade report for the 1st-semester grades showing satisfactory completion (no failing grades) must be sent to the NHAEA Treasurer by February 15th of their freshman year. The grade report does not have to be an official transcript. A printed copy of online grades is sufficient. The $500 check will be then sent to the scholarship recipient.

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** $1000 HIGH SCHOOL PORTFOLIO Student Scholarship

Details sent to registered teacher participants of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Please note the following: In compliance with non-profit tax laws, once you are approved for a scholarship, you will need to provide receipts, proof of attendance and any other related documentation along with the Request for Scholarship Payment Form before scholarship reimbursement can be released to the recipient. The scholarship winners will have until February 15 of their freshman year to seek reimbursement from NHAEA. Please refer to each scholarship application description to see what information is required. All applications, guidelines, rubric, and the Request for Scholarship Payment form can be found at the NHAEA website: under Programs/Scholarship after January 1st. Email questions only to: Scholarship Chairperson at